What is APPX?

APPX is a state-of-the-art, platform-independent, database-independent Rapid Application Development (RAD) and runtime environment that is unsurpassed for the design and deployment of business application software.
A complete, comprehensive rapid application build-and-change tool for industrial strength applications, APPX provides a character and graphical, client server, and web enabled software design environment that is database, operating system, and hardware independent.
APPX manages data through a variety of the most advanced database systems including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server
®, ODBC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others. APPX can dynamically create and restructure files and tables across these systems using its intelligent data dictionary tools.

APPX applications run unchanged across many operating systems including Hewlett-Packard HP-UX and Itanium, IBM AIX, SUN Solaris, Microsoft Windows®, and Linux. You can distribute applications interchangeably among heterogeneous systems, and the applications you design on one platform will run identically on any other, without changing a single line of code.

The key difference between APPX and other tools is that APPX has been designed and optimized to automatically deal with all of the standard data processing issues required for any business application. This means that the builder of an APPX application only needs to focus on the business aspects of the application. All of the Data Processing and User Interface issues are automatically dealt with by the tool. This provides for extremely fast development and maintenance of complex business applications.
Discover APPX, and you'll agree that APPX is The Premier Development and Runtime Environment for Business Application Software™.


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