Introducing AXAEM

Jacksonville, Florida - August 12, 2010 - APPX Software, Inc., a leading supplier of business applications and tools, today announced AXAEM, an Open Source solution for Archives Management. AXAEM has been developed to meet the needs of Archives to manage their holdings and collections in a dynamic way, while allowing quick customization to meet specific needs of organizations. Information about AXAEM is available at Benefits of AXAEM include:

  • Allows user maintained retention schedules via the web and handles patron queries
  • Manages procedures to process and preserve archives holdings and collections
  • Provides Workflow Management of the content lifecycle
  • Complies with standards including DACS, MARC, EADS, XML, and more
  • Developed by Archivists using APPX, which allows quick and efficient modifications to keep TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) affordable

AXAEM is now available for demonstration. Installations will commence in 2012. AXAEM is available through APPX Software with an Open Source license. AXAEM operates on the APPX environment. APPX works on most industry platforms including Linux, Windows®, and Unix.


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