Gold and Platinum Level Support

APPX provides direct technical support to customers who subscribe to these plans, via toll-free telephone lines or by e-mail, in addition to all the features of Bronze Level coverage. The APPX Tech Support staff are experts in helping customers resolve all issues relating to the installation and use of APPX and the various APPX utilities. For support of customized applications, APPX recommends that customers work with their resellers. Customers on these plans are entitled to membership in the APPX Support mail list, and have 24/7 access to the APPX Bug Tracker Database (formerly ECR System), a repository of enhancement requests and bug reports for APPX developers and users. They also receive discounts on training classes, consulting services, and conference registration fees.

  • For Gold Level Support customers, the response time is four hours, and these customers may contact Technical Support personnel by phone, during regular business hours, or by e-mail.
  • Customers at the Platinum Support level are offered the fastest response time (2 hours), extended hours emergency support, and the greatest discounts on training, consulting, and conferences, and are eligible to participate in product development sessions and beta tests.


Additionally, all supported customers have access to the Online Customer Support System to obtain emergency licenses in the event of a system-down emergency situation. APPX Support personnel often rely on a utility program called VNC to connect to customers' systems via the Internet. Details and installation instructions for VNC are available here. Further details:




  • APPX Technical Support Coverage is a service that is provided directly to customers by APPX Software, Inc.
  • Silver Level Support is provided at no charge during the first 90 days after the License Effective Date for a new License or Per Incident Software Update, for all customers who register with APPX Software Inc. If a higher level of annual coverage is purchased at the time of the initial sale, then that higher level of support will be available during the 90-day period, and the customer will effectively receive 15 months of coverage for the price of 12.
  • Customers must maintain the same level of support on all active licenses held, and the expiration date for coverage on all licenses must be identical. When additional licenses are purchased, the annual maintenance fee will be prorated to allow the expiration dates to match.
  • APPX Technical Support coverage is limited to assistance related to the installation and use of APPX, the various APPX utilities, and APPX-authored applications. APPX Technical Support Coverage does not include assistance with issues relating to the operation and use of custom applications developed with APPX.
  • APPX Technical Support covers the current Release and one prior Release as determined by the Release Number. APPX reserves the right to decline to provide Technical Support for any releases prior to those specifically covered.
  • All annual maintenance plans at the Silver Level or above include membership in the APPX support mail list.
  • Applicable discounts on APPX training classes, consulting services, and conference registration fees are 5% for Silver, 10% for Gold, and 20% for Platinum.
  • For customers not subscribing to APPX Technical Support Coverage, Per Incident Technical Support is available.