Logiciels EX-L-TEC Inc.

Logiciels EX-L-TEC Inc.
7175 Boul. Marion
Suite 235
Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada G9A 5Z9

Telephone: (819) 377-3836
Fax: (819) 377-3960
Website: http://www.ex-l-tec.com
E-mail: support@ex-l-tec.com
Sales Contact: Roger Blais, roger.blais@ex-l-tec.com
Areas of specialty: The manufacturing industry and health and services organizations in Quebec.


Logiciels EX-L-TEC specializes in the development of business applications and related products and services for the UNIX, WINDOWS® and LINUX environments.

The company has comprehensive experience in the development of business applications mainly with APPX. These applications can be used with different databases systems such as ORACLE, APPXIO, VISION, SQL SERVER® and all ODBC compliant packages.

The customers of Logiciels EX-L-TEC belong mainly to the manufacturing industry and to the health and services organisations in Quebec.

Logiciels EX-L-TEC has its own range of applications including a financial management package, a purchasing management package as well as a specialized management package for hospitals, which package can be integrated to other business applications used in hospitals. In addition to these products, EX-L-TEC offers its customers many related applications and a toolbox allowing the easy implementation of its products under different platforms and management contexts.

Logiciels EX-L-TEC also offers other services such as the development of custom-made applications, conversion services, software integration, etc.


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