Prospect Management System Demonstration Application



The APPX Runtime Demo

Interested in a test drive of the APPX Runtime? Just follow this link below:






The Runtime Demo Guide

The Prospect Management System Runtime Demo Guide provides you with all the information you need to successfully run the Prospect Management System runtime demo. It contains useful information relating to the APPX Runtime environment and steps you through the various components of the Prospect Management System. You may either print it or view it on line.





Having trouble with the above "Demo" link?




You can access the Demo manually with a previously installed APPX Desktop Client. Follow these instructions:

To view the demo, you must have a current version of the APPX Desktop Client, to establish a connection between your desktop and the APPX Demo Server. If you don't already have it on your computer, download and install the APPX Desktop Client software. Simply download the installation file and then execute it. The APPX Desktop Client will be added to your start menu. When you run the APPX Desktop Client, you should select the "Remote" tab and enter the following connection information:



Login prospect
Password prospect
Server Port 8064