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Introduction to APPX Application Design

This 5-day class is an introduction to APPX application design for the programmer with little or no experience in APPX.

Graphical Design Techniques

This 2-day class will cover design techniques using APPX graphical design, including features for adding images, icons, the drag and drop data palette, buttons, etc.

Fast Track to APPX

A 3-day class specifically for experienced Speed II designers who are migrating their systems to APPX.

System Administration

This 2-day class covers topics related to installing and running APPX on Unix, Linux, and Windows®.

APPX and the Internet

Learn how to make your current applications display on an HTML page and how to design new applications for interactive web access.

APPX Tips and Techniques

This 3-day class is for those with an advanced knowledge of APPX application design. Seasoned APPX veterans will share tips and techniques they have picked up over the years.

Advanced Application Design

This 3-day class expands on the lessons from the introduction class with methods and techniques to be applied while building a working order entry application.

Comprehensive APPX Design

For the slightly experienced APPX programmer, this is a fast track class that covers all aspects of APPX Application Design from the basics of the data dictionary and design elements to ILF code and event point execution and graphical design.

How Do They Do That?

A special class that was offered as part of the APPX EX-ZOO-BERATION 2006conference.

APPX Magic - Keys to the Kingdom

A special class created for the APPX 20th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION conference, ideal for the more advanced APPX designers, consistiing of a series of topics on what might be considered "APPX Magic".


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