Free Online Help

APPX Software offers a variety of online support resources, to help answer your questions, solve your problems, and guide you through every phase of APPX application development. Feel free to make use of any or all of the following:

Online Manuals

A full set of APPX manuals is available, fully browsable with indexes and hyperlinks. Included are guides for users, application designers, and system managers, as well as reference materials on the APPX Business Applications.


The APPX FAQ System is a large and varied database of frequently asked questions and their answers on a wide range of APPX topics, including installation, configuration, design, and operation.

Special Topics

Here you will find a wide range of support documents, frequently asked questions, "How-To" guides, and general instructions concerning installation, configuration, and operation of APPX.

Assistance during Installation and Setup

We believe that carefully following the detailed steps in this section will allow you to successfully set up your APPX business applications. However, should you run into any unexpected difficulty during the installation or setup processes, we invite you to contact APPX Software, Inc. for free assistance, at