SPEED II 6.01.07 Release Notes


  • Design transfer of Query Functions did not transfer the commands associated with the Sort function. This problem has been corrected.


  • If a DMS Error is detected during the execution of command code SPEED II will now display the address of the file's UFB and the error sub code if available.
    • NOTE: Installations using a Foreign Language must edit the message 'CMND-ERR.DMS-ERROR' adding fields for the UFB and sub code or this new functionality will not work.
  • Corrected a problem which caused Technical Documentation to not print if the design files were NOT on the SPEED II volume.
  • Changed the opening of design files during load module creation to use input mode / shared mode even when running in background and job was submitted from application design. This is to correct a problem where background jobs would have file access problems because they would not attempt to use input mode.
  • Corrected a problem in 06.01.03's file creation routines which caused file creation to fail with a 'no entry in file specifications' message if the user's INVOL usage constant did not match the structure volume.
  • When a function or job was run via the Utilities menu (PF30) results were sometimes different then if the same function or job was run from a menu. We have traced several of these problems to a Wang OS Configuration value being set too low. We recommend that the value for 'Maximum link levels' be set to 18 or higher and 'Maximum PCEXITS' be set to 24 or higher. Both of these values are set in Genedit on the 'Task & VAS Options' screen. If you are running SPEED II from a procedure or another program (such as OFFICE) you may need to set these values even higher. SPEED II is unable to report the error because it needs to link to another program to display the error screen and it can't link because the maximum number of link levels has been reached. Another symptom of this would be the inability to RUN a function from within a function if the original function was run via PF30.
  • If a function included a 'SELECT COMPANY' command and the new company used a different volume, 'CREATE' commands would fail. This has been corrected.
  • Corrected a problem with the opening of files in background which was causing file in use and file possession conflicts with design files when jobs were run in background while users were running in foreground.
  • Corrected a problem with the 'Create Input Functions' program. When a non-text field was being placed on an input window the size of the box (rows and columns) was not being set to zero. This would cause the item to export to APPX incorrectly unless the window had been edited at least one time.
  • If a user pressed PF32 during SCAN the PF Key Intercept commands would be executed even though they shouldn't have been executed. Also, if the user was on the 'Select Access Path' screen during SCAN and pressed PF32 the input function would cancel. Now PF32 during any phase of SCAN will return the user to the calling input function and beep the terminal alarm. The user will then be able to continue or press PF32 again to perform normal PF32 processing including the execution of PF Key Intercept commands.
  • If the user ended out of SCAN with a PF16 or PF32, screens which were presented next (next window or previous window if PF4 was also pressed) would not execute command code properly. This would cause Default Values to not be set and displayed and display of screens without the user variable data under certain circumstances. This has been changed so the commands are now executed as designed and the data is properly displayed.
  • Corrected a problem in input functions which resulted in the data from FIND (PF1) not being displayed if the user pressed SCAN (PF2) in error prior to the FIND (PF1).
  • If a designer ran a function using one of the 'Run Program or Function' selections and that function ran a job in the same application (using the RUN verb) the run of the job would fail UNLESS the first function was run from a job. Note that the same function could be run from a menu without problems. This has been corrected.