SPEED II 6.01.02 Release Notes


  • Added two new options to the RUN command

    . 'INTERNAL / WS' causes the function processor to leave the workstation open when passing control to the internal function. 'INTERNAL NO PRE / WS' does the same thing except that there is no preopen information passed to the internal routine. The parameter list passed has been modified to add a new parameter to the parameter list. This parameter is the last parameter to be passed and is the address of the workstation's UFB. It is only passed for these new RUN options.

    • Note that if the internal routine READs the Workstation typeahead which was intended for SPEED II would be received by the internal routine and there would be no way to send those characters to SPEED II. If the function is being run in background the UFB address will be passed but the workstation will not be open. The internal routine should check whether or not the workstation is open prior to attempting I/O. (Bit 7 of byte 43 (UFBF1OPEN) in the UFB will be set if open, cleared if closed)
  • SPEED II will now extract the Wang OS usage constant 'SPOOLSCR' and use it when spooling output to a remote system via WSN. If the function producing the output is run in foreground (interactive mode), SPEED II will use the value in this field as of the time the report is sent to the operating system for transfer to the remote system (after PF16 is pressed if the report was displayed on the screen or at the end of the report function). If the function producing the output is run in background, SPEED II will use the value in this field as of the time the user presses PF1 to submit it to background. It does not check the value in effect at the time the procedure is released from the procedure queue if it was placed on hold. This value can be set using Wang Procedure language during the execution of SPEED II by running a Procedure as an EXTERNAL function.


  • If SPEED II was installed on a CPU running a release 6 version of the VS OS SPEED II would 'loose' the application id when returning to application design from test mode.
  • The input functions used to create menus, jobs, input functions, output functions, update functions, status functions, sort functions, disposition functions, and command libraries have all been modified to prevent advancing past the first screen onto continuation windows or command series if adding a record whose key value already exists.
  • Modified Files/ Fields and Work fields entry so that if a record is changed to a sequence number or name that already exists, the correct error message is displayed.
  • When running 'Change All References' for 'Security Classes' a file status 80 is produced if a field level security class needs to be changed.
  • All of the 'Change All References' programs now update the 'Changed By' field in modified files/fields/functions. They also update the Applications file in Installation Information to reflect the date and time of the change so that load modules are recreated properly.
  • Change All References for 'Security Classes' did not update execute security classes for any of the function types (Input, Output, etc). It now will update the security classes in all R6 design files.
  • If a job contains a disposition function which specifies that print output should be displayed on the screen and transferred to WP and the user presses PF31 (print screen) while the report is displayed, the screen is copied to WP (instead of being sent to a printer) and then COPYWP presents a Getparm screen to the user. The user cannot end COPYWP successfully.
  • Requesting that report output be transferred to WP or WPPLUS caused a Getparm screen to be presented by the COPYWP or COPYPLUS programs and the user could not exit COPYWP or COPYPLUS successfully.
  • If SPEED II was installed on a VS with OS 7.21.03 a problem with the OS caused SPEED II to not be able to open a file in Shared mode once a file had been opened in Special/IO or Special/Input mode if it was necessary in the same execution of a function. This problem would most commonly occur if a sort was being performed on a file and 'Use to Limit Reads' was being used on an Alternate Index.
  • If a user was defined with a startup job and the first step in that job executed a 'RUN EXPLAIN' command the status line (bottom of screen with date/time, etc.) would be corrupted once the explain text had been displayed.
  • If an input function contained a CREATE command within Access/Verify the hold on the window record would be lost if the function was a single-level function and a File Status 86 would occur if the function was a multi-level function. Beginning with Release 06.00.00 of SPEED II, the CREATE command required that the user have 'WRITE' access to the System Directory file (00001100 in $$$$$011). This is no longer a requirement. The user must have 'READ' access to the System Directory file. Application Designers and File Managers must have 'WRITE' access to this file (and to all of the Installation Control files).
  • Numeric Overflow occurred if attempting to access commands within very large window numbers ( >99999 ) in Input functions. Problem corrected.
  • If an input function was selected to be edited from a find key listing, the pre 06.01.00 version of the input function editor was run rather than the new version. This has been corrected.
  • Corrected problem with display of status line message for continuation windows greater than 3 in the Input Function editor.
  • If a user makes a change on an input screen, then presses PF2 (SCAN) and either of the following two conditions occur, SPEED II would not verify the data which had been entered. Consequently, invalid data could be entered into the file. Conditions: 1) the user subsequently cancels the SCAN, or 2) the cursor was NOT on a scannable field.
  • If a field was specified as 'Lower Case Ok, Default to Upper' the user was not able to enter lower case characters during sort setup. Sort setup has been modified to allow lower case characters for this type of field.
  • The Sort Processor was performing a FREEALL between each record being sorted even if no REWRITES or DELETES existed within the function. The Sort Processor has been modified to detect when no file updates exist and skip the FREEALL. This will increase the Sort Processor's performance in cases where the FREEALL is not executed.
  • The CALCULATOR utility would display a warning message regarding data loss upon pressing PF32. Problem corrected.
  • A File Status 95 occurred if a window number was changed. This has been fixed.