APPX Server 4.0.a Release Notes


  • Copy, Paste, Ins, Del, Mouse Selection of Data, etc should now work as you would expect from a GUI application. Real GUI controls are now being used which provide all of these features. (#4611)
  • The java client login dialog box should now position the initial cursor in the correct field. Before, several tab presses were required to position to the password field. (#4612)
  • The current java client no longer truncates the last '9' digit in the heading of the security codes screen for security profiles. (#4708)
  • The startup problems related to the Sun JVM are no longer an issue. The current java client does not require the Sun JVM to run. It can use the native Microsoft® VM or run compiled where no VM is needed. (#4875)
  • APPX would accept a date of 00/00/00 but not treat it as blank (IE, if compared against a blank date in a query, it would not match). This would only occur when all fields of the date were 0's. If even one contained a valid month, day or year, APPX would not accept the entry. This has been corrected. You can no longer enter a date of all zeros. Note that this was accomplished with a change to the format of an EM so you MUST have a new EM for the fix to take effect. For 4.0.a, Appx now reports an error if a Month or Day is set to zero. (#3684)
  • Pressing the backspace key on a screen that contains no edit fields will no longer hang the client session. (#4499)
  • Problems found with scanning on token fields have been corrected. Token fields now act as a true pulldown listbox. (#4622)
  • The problem where pressing the option key too many times resulted in an option number count greater than 2 and no way to continue has been corrected. (#4704)
  • The current java client now has a menu option to display the numerical option numbers required to activate the menu options. (#4757)
  • You can now remap the client option key from the command line to any printable or special key. The command line argument is -optkey=name where "name" is a printable letter, an underscore to define the doublequote as the option key, or a reserved word from the following list to use a non-printable key. Some keyboards may not have some of these keys. Keyword List: CANCEL, CLEAR, PAUSE, ESCAPE, END, HOME, SLASH, OPEN BRACKET, BACK SLASH, CLOSE BRACKET, NUMPAD0, NUMPAD1, ..., NUMPAD9, MULTIPLY, ADD, SEPERATER, SUBTRACT, DIVIDE, F1, F2, ..., F12, DELETE, NUM LOCK, SCROLL LOCK, PRINTSCREEN, INSERT, HELP, META, BACK QUOTE, QUOTE, FINAL, CONVERT, NONCONVERT, ACCEPT, MODECHANGE, KANA, KANJI. (#5037)
  • Some processes will occasionally produce an error when data is stored in an Oracle table: The text of the error message is: ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis This error is triggered when you invoke a process whose PCF is constrained, and the constraints cover a prefix of an alpha field (without constraining the entire field). (#5050)
  • Under release 4.0.9, restructuring a table stored in Oracle will fail. The restructure goes through the normal phases: Create a temporary table Copy records from the original table to the temporary table Drop the original table Rename the temporary to the original name But the 'rename' fails - leaving the records in the temporary table. The logfile shows that the 'rename' step fails because of garbage where the temporary table name should be. This problem has been fixed for release 4.0.a. (#5052)
  • Some alpha fields (particularly 15 byte alpha fields) can cause random crashes when using AppxODBC. This problem has been fixed for release 4.0.a (#5058)
  • When using AppxODBC, date fields are retrieved incorrectly. Some fields contain today's date, others display random values. This problem has been fixed for release 4.0.a (#5059)
  • Some versions of asql produce invalid column names - the column names contain many underscores and usually end with invalid data. This problem has been fixed for release 4.0.a (#5060)


  • Release 4.0.a includes some interim transaction processing functionality for data stored in the Oracle RDBMS.


  • Scanning in the ILF editor now scans on the correct field. Before, it sometimes scanned on the application ID instead of the field name. (#4568)
  • In the current java client, to select a different record from a scrolling list or to select a scan record from a scan list only requires a single click. A double click on a different record in a scrolling list will reselect that record and also act as if RETURN had been pressed on that new record. (#4637)
  • The current java client now has the same keyboard timeout feature that was introduced into the unix terminal sessions in a previous release. (#4712)


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