Multi User Linux Promotion


Free APPX/Linux Multi-User Licenses

Jacksonville, FL (November 1, 2005) - APPX Software, Inc. is pleased to announce a new promotion, offering FREE APPX/Linux licenses with a design right and up to five user rights, for customers who purchase a year of APPX support at the Silver level or above. The license is considered a full, permanent APPX license, bearing the license value equal to that of any identically configured purchased license, with no restrictions other than those specified below.

This promotion complements the release of our Open Source Financial Applications, to provide a way for Open Source customers to deploy APPX in a multi-user environment without the purchase of software. However, there is no requirement to be using the APPX Financial Applications, either the Open Source or the Commercial version, when obtaining a license through this promotion.

For more information, or to place an order through this promotion, contact APPX Software at, or call us at 1-800-879-2779 or 1-904-880-5560.

Details of the promotion:
  1. This promotion is available worldwide, to new and existing customers alike.
  2. Only the Linux platform (Intel processor) is included in this promotion.
  3. Each license shall include between two and five user rights, as desired, and one design right (required).
  4. The purchase of a year of maintenance coverage, at the Silver, Gold, or Platinum level, is required.
  5. The effective date of maintenance coverage is the same as the effective date of the initial license; i.e., these licenses do not include the 90-day period of free maintenance coverage provided with purchased licenses, and the maintenance renewal date will be one year from the effective date of the license.
  6. Licenses issued under this promotion do not qualify for use in License Reconfigurations during the first year.
  7. Additional user rights, design rights, or other features may be added to these licenses at any time, at regular APPX list prices.
  8. This promotion is unrelated to the offer of a free single-user APPX/Linux license; that promotion remains in effect until further notice.
  9. APPX Software Inc. reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time, without further notice.