You've completed the installation process, and the appx BANG! Business Applications are ready to run and/or customize.

Depending on your Linux distribution, APPX may have already created a launcher in your "Applications" pull-down menu, which can be used to start the program. However, we recommend that you copy the following file to your desktop to simplify the launch process:

  • /usr/local/appx/AppxBANG.desktop

To start your appx BANG! Business Applications software, click on the icon you've just placed on the desktop.

If presented with a license acceptance screen, click OK to proceed. At this point, we recommend that you explore the Demo Company database, to learn as much as you can about the applications. When you're ready to create your own company data files, it's time to begin Setup.

The Setup Guide

This guide provides a general outline for setting up the APPX financial applications. These applications include the basic accounting applications, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll, and distribution applications such as Commission Accounting, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Purchase Orders, and Sales Analysis. Other accounting applications available are Budget Analysis, General Subsidiary, and Fixed Assets. A System module is provided as an entry point to access the applications and to serve as a repository for certain system-wide information. Refer to the Application Overview discussion under each module for a general description of the application.

Please read through the information on each module before attempting the Initial Setup procedures. It is important that the applications be set up in the following prescribed order.

We believe that following the above steps will allow you to successfully set up your APPX business applications. However, should you run into any unexpected difficulty during the installation or setup processes, we invite you to contact APPX Software, Inc. for free assistance, at