There are four separate components that must each be downloaded and installed on your server in conjunction with installing the appx BANG! Business Applications. These components are:

  1. An APPX Utility License Key
  2. The APPX Utility (Design and Runtime Environment) - Release 4.2.8 or higher
  3. The appx BANG! Business Applications
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader (or equivalent)

If you'd like a detailed explanation, click here. But, if you're eager to forge ahead, the following steps will help you obtain an APPX Utility license key and help you download the necessary software components. You should complete each of these steps before you begin the installation process. In other words, when you download each component, save the file on your server but do not install it yet.

Step 1 - Obtain an APPX Utility License Key

The APPX Utility (Design and Runtime Environment) is not open source software. When you install the APPX Utility, you must also install a License Key. If you don't already have an APPX Utility License Key for the Linux server where you intend to install the APPX Utility, you may obtain a free, single-user APPX/Linux license here. The APPX Utility license key will be sent to you as an attachment in an e-mail. After you receive the e-mail, save the attachment in the /tmp directory on the Linux system on which you are going to install the APPX Utility. Be careful not to change the name of the attachment file when you save it because the APPX Utility installer will look for a file with this exact name. After you have saved the attachment file, there should be a file in your /tmp directory as follows: /tmp/appx-registration.txt

Step 2 - Download the APPX Utility

The APPX Utility download file is an executable installer that will install and configure all of components of the APPX Utility.

Step 3 - Download the appx BANG! Business Applications

The appx BANG! download file is an executable installer that will install all of the appx BANG! Business Applications, and, when run, will install the design files, the sample company data files, and the installation parameters as required. Download the following file:

Step 4 - Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

The appx BANG! Business Applications create reports and other documents in pdf format, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent software to view, print, save, etc. Linux desktops may already have a compatible pdf reader. If your Linux desktop does not have that software, or if you will be using a Windows® or MacIntosh desktop client, download Acrobat Reader from here.

After completing the downloads, you can move on to installation.


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