The appx BANG! applications have all been developed with APPX, an innovative rapid application development (RAD) utility. To customize the applications, you will need to learn to use the APPX design environment. The APPX utility is based on a concept referred to as "design by specification". This means that you "program" an application by specifying what you want it to do. Designing with APPX is as easy as "filling in the blanks" on a form. APPX does the rest! Best of all, you won't need to learn C, Perl, PHP, Java or any other traditional programming languages. APPX is a complete development environment capable of designing full-featured business applications. Once you learn your way around, you will find that the APPX design environment makes it easy to modify and enhance the appx BANG! applications.

Before you attempt to make changes to the appx BANG! applications, you should first learn a little bit about how to design applications with APPX. The Prospect Management System demo application was installed on your system when you installed APPX. You can run the Prospect Management System demo from the APPX Utility menu by selecting "Run an Application" and entering "DMO" when prompted for the Database ID. The Prospect Management System Runtime Demo Guide will provide you with all the information you need to successfully run the Prospect Management System runtime demo. It contains useful information relating to the APPX Runtime environment and steps you through the various components of the Prospect Management System. You may either print it or view it on line. After you become familiar with running the Prospect Management System demo application, you will then be ready to try your hand at making a few changes to the application. The Application Design Demo Guide will help to familiarize you with the APPX design environment and will demonstrate how easy it is to make changes to an existing application such as the Prospect Managment System.

If the prospect of customizing the applications yourself is a bit daunting, you may want to consider contracting with APPX Software, Inc. or one of our authorized resellers for any changes that you may need. Experienced consultants are available for a reasonable fee. APPX training classes are also held on a regular basis at the corporate office of APPX Software, Inc. in Jacksonville, FL. If you are located outside of North America, you may want to investigate training options offered by our International Distributors.