APPX BANG! - Open Source Business Applications

The appx BANG! Business Application suite, like all open source software, is free. But, the APPX Business Application suite is the first open source software product to take advantage of the APPX Rapid Application Development environment to provide readily customizable business solutions.

The APPX Business Applications is a fully integrated, business application suite. Each application provides a flexible framework, designed to be modified and expanded to meet the specific requirements of your business. With the APPX Business Applications, you are truly in control of your software and your business. Your software can be adapted to your way of doing business instead of requiring that you modify your business practices.


Learn more about the APPX Utility and the APPX Business Applications.

Take a Test Drive

The fastest and best way to get a look at the appx BANG! Business Applications is by taking an online test drive.


The APPX Business Applications are available under two different licenses - a commercial license and an open source license. Find out which license is right for you.


After you have settled on a configuration, get the APPX Business Applications and the APPX Utility here!


Here you'll find step-by-step instructions for installing APPX and the APPX Business Applications on your system. If you follow the roadmap, you can't get lost.


Each application has a series of setup steps that must be completed before you can "go live". Checklists guide you through the process and help ensure an orderly transition from your current system to the APPX Business Applications.


Customizing the appx BANG! applications is a snap with APPX!

Free Online Help

Having problems? Check out the online resources that are available at no charge to help you get your APPX Business Applications up and running and to provide you with an understanding of the system as a whole. Links to many online manuals, message boards, and support articles are included.

Premium Support Options

As your needs grow, APPX Software, Inc. and our network of resellers are ready to assist with technical support, training classes, consulting services, and more. There truly is no limit to what you can accomplish with APPX.